Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thanks, Metafilter and Reddit

I've been reading Metafilter since 2000. I love Metafilter. Imagine my joy when I visited there (as I do most every day) and found a post about the Sadistic Couplets. "This is exactly what I want to read about!" I thought, "This is why I love Metafilter!"

The post said that a Georgian was writing about the Couplets. I figured he or she would have an interesting perspective on them. The country of Georgia's bred all kinds of compelling folks, like Joseph Stalin, and Kokkai Futoshi. A Georgian might be uniquely qualified to comment on why the Couplets matter, and what they mean.

I should have read the post more carefully, because until I clicked the link I forgot that I am also a Georgian.

This blog is old, and some of the content is no longer accurate. It's been dormant since 2010, and a lot has changed since then. I really didn't expect to get any visitors. But on the day the link was posted on metafilter, and then on reddit, as many people visited my blog as attended the Poison/Ratt reunion concert in Charlotte, NC. I am feeling pretty giddy with success right now, as you can imagine.
I thought I'd add a new post to thank folks for visiting.

If you're bored with strange things in Moscow and want to read about strange things in the town I live in now, here's WTH? Athens.

Or, try here, where there's lots more writing, including Fuck You Daycare and other fun-to-read favorites.